Peerus Interview : Nicolas, the communications officer

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Peerus Interview : Nicolas, the communications officer

To our Peerus community,

Two weeks ago, we were celebrating 50 000 users on the platform. A few days ago, we introduced you our technical director, Benjamin. This week, we interviewed another Peerus team member : Nicolas, the communications officer. Here’s the interview.

–  To begin this interview could you find three words to describe yourself ?

– I think my friends would say about me that I am creative, reliable and passionate.

– As you are saying that you are a passionate person, what are you passionate about ?

– I am passionate in my daily life, in every little action. I do not really do things by halves. Broadly speaking, I’m passionate about music, fashion and photography. These three areas coexist and are interdependent nowadays. They draw their inspiration from each other. I also started to do some sport recently, and even if it was not my thing at first, it became a must-have routine in the week. And most importantly, graphics. I have always created visuals as an amateur and I wanted to integrate this field in my work.

– What is currently your job here at Peerus ?

– I am a communications officer : I take care of many things that we see and others that we do not see also. I define the communication strategy and I try to make sure that it’s the best one. I’m also a graphic designer: I make visuals for our social networks, the blog, and other print media. I take care of presentation brochures, mailing, and blog posts too. What I like about this job is that nothing is predefined in communication. You can do everything, you can try, fail and start again with something new. Every day is not the same as the previous one.

– And how did you become a communications officer ?

– I wanted to do a bachelor’s degree in communication after high-school. Even though I learned a lot and it brought me knowledge and opened some doors, I could not stand the university and its mad lack of professionalization. I grinned and beared it, knowing that the we could do an internship during the third and last year. But, then, I left the university to go into a master’s degree in a school of management, the iaelyon. Their principle is really between the university and the private school: they give you theory and keys to apply it in a future job. You do concrete stuff all the time. During my first year in this school, we had the opportunity to do an internship, and that’s how I joined the team.

– Last question, do you have a life motto?

– It’s tough to say, I have several quotes that inspire me in my everyday life. But I think that what guides my journey is “never a failure, always a lesson”. I know it sounds like a set phrase, but it helped me a lot when I got stuck in some situations. We must know that anything can happen but mostly than nothing happens by chance. If you fail somewhere, you have to start again without thinking about the situation and taking a step back on things. Sometimes you lock yourself into a whirlwind where you no longer question yourself. You are no longer questioning yourself about what you do or what you want to do. Failure is predominantly positive in its finality.

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