Peerus Interview : Robin, the machine learning developer

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Here’s the brand new Peerus Interview : each week, we decided to let you know about another Peerus team member. This week, discover Robin, the machine learning developer. We’ll discuss sport, thesis and computer science.

– Could you find three words to describe yourself ?

– Calm…. I don’t know. I’d say passionate and curious also.

– What are you passionate about ?

– I like sports in general. I’m a field hockey player and I do cycling. I like music, computer science and artificial intelligence too.

– What is currently your job here at Peerus ?

– I’m a machine learning developer. I’m working on a doctorate in a French institution which is called “Eric” : I’m in a lab at the Lyon 2 University. As part of Peerus development, I’m doing my doctorate.

– And how did you become a machine learning developer here in Peerus? 

– I did an engineer school in Lyon which is called CPE. Then, I left to go to Berlin where I did some internships for 3 years. I also went away for 1 year as part of the Erasmus program in a machine learning lab. To complete my final year project, I chose to stay in the very same field, the machine learning. After that, I wanted to do a doctorate and when I was looking for a project, I found Peerus.

– What made you join the Peerus project ? 

– I liked the fact that Peerus was a small structure that was at the very beginning of its development. It’s interesting and it’s motivating every day. I also wanted to do a machine learning doctorate. The project carried by Peerus is really exciting with a lot of paper analyses, graphs, etc. This is a vast subject to write about in the end. I didn’t want to get involved in a subject that was restricted, closed and leaning in a specialized field, so it suited me. My plan was to write a CIFRE thesis (when you do your doctorate while you are in a company). This option interested me because you can keep on doing operational development and doing some research.

– Do you have a life motto?

– No, I don’t really think so. Can I just answer no ? My motto is “no motto”. But I think that you have to prove things everyday and to always do things with respect for other people.

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