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We’d like to thank you for your participation in our poll. Having reached 100 000 users two weeks ago was meaningful to us to know you better in order to adapt the platform to your exact needs and expectations .

At the beginning

We launched Peerus a year and a half ago now. The project was available in a beta version and we knew that many improvements would need to be developed.

Thanks to our experience in the research world, we know how long, painful and laborious scientific monitoring is. It was important to us to bring a solution to the paper watch issue as soon as possible. The solution we came up with was  Peerus.

The platform’s evolution

We want Peerus to fit your researcher’s life. It’s been designed from research for research so it needs to be ideal.

Today, a series of improvements is about to start, thanks to you! Your support and investment motivate us every day to make Peerus better than it was yesterday.

For many months, we listened to all your feedbacks and we have noticed that several new features were relevant to you.

New features coming

Thanks to your votes, we could prioritize your favourite features. As a reminder,  7 features were proposed threw the poll. Here’s the full list below:

  • New journals added
  • Direct PDF download via institution login
  • Mendeley and Zotero integration
  • Multicriteria research way
  • Add an author from a paper’s summary
  • Share a paper on Twitter
  • Weekly digest

After 2 weeks, the poll is now closed and here are the results.poll

As we promised you, we’ll let you know about the next features’ progress regularly on this blog and on our Twitter and Facebook.

Please, keep letting us know about your ideas for the platform to build Peerus together.

Scientifically yours,

The Peerus Team.

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