The Peerus adventure continues to grow thanks to you!

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150 000 usersTo our Peerus Community,

Today, we have some exciting news that we wanted to share with you guys.

From 0 to 150,000

After reaching 100,000 users a few weeks ago, we’re delighted to make a new announcement.

Just before reaching the second anniversary of Peerus’ launch in January, we reached an amazing milestone: 150,000 researchers have now joined the Peerus adventure! Peerus would be nothing without you, your support and your feedback…and we really want to thank you.

About the new features

Two months ago, we shared with you the results of our poll in which you had to choose the new features you would most like to see on Peerus.

We worked hard to add new journals to follow and we have already added nearly 1,800 journals on the webapp since the end of the poll!

Here are some journals that you can follow right now on Peerus:

Features (new journals)

Do not hesitate to connect on Peerus to discover other brand new journals to monitor and to find out if a journal that matters to you was added!

You can also have a look at the journals we already had on the webapp right here.

Thank you for your support,

The Peerus Team.

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