A new version of Peerus is available!

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Dear Peerus Community,

For more than 2 years, we have been working on staying close to our users by collecting your regular and relevant feedbacks.

As you already know, we invited you to vote for your favorite next features.

Peerus was born by researchers and for researcher to ease your scientific paper monitoring.

So far, we’re proud of being exaustive (24,000 journals indexed per day), identifing more than 5 millions authors and serving our 160,000+ users.

But we also know that there’s still some work to do. We believe that it’s time for a new Peerus.

We are proud to announce major upcoming updates of the app to be clearer, faster and more intuitive.

Today, we have pushed a new version that represents the first step towards a new design coming soon.

Scientifically yours,

The Peerus Team.

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