How to direct download a paper on Peerus?

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To our Peerus Community,

Peerus is continuously improving thanks to your helpful feedback. As you may already know, we have just launched an improved version of Peerus a few days ago.

Our platform has been giving you access to a paper’s title, author and abstract information. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of the new features: the direct download button. This will allow you to access papers faster and easier than before.

You can now set up your affiliation to your research institute to facilitate paper downloads.

No more redirections on journal websites, download directly on Peerus! To enable this, simply go to your Settings.

How to set up this feature?

Here’s how to set up your account:

1. Go to the Settings button at the top right of the webapp.

2. Find the Library Full-text URL for full text access button and click on “Change Full-text Proxy”

3. Set up your URL affiliation (for example, if you are a CNRS researcher, you can add the URL

4. A new button “Full Text” will appear next to the “View Paper” button on a paper’s details

Several features are still on the way! Stay tuned

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