The new Peerus is coming!

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To our Peerus community,

We’ve been working for the last 8 months on a brand new Peerus version. We couldn’t wait any longer to show it to all of you.

This brand new design will be launched this september!

The creation process

Last January, the team started the work on the new Peerus. Our purpose was to create something that would make your experience easier and that would fit your needs as researchers.

Since the beginning of the year, we were focus on giving a fresh start to the webapp. The team had to took a step back to identify what were the main points to improve and which solutions we could create to fix them. Most importantly, we had in mind to understand how could this new Peerus benefit our users.


To corroborate our first analysis and feelings, we worked closely with several researchers to get their first impressions and improve the next features.

What are the next features?

The team intended to add new ways to start, customize and organize your scientific monitoring.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you some of the features that will be available soon thanks to the new Peerus:

  • Like or hide papers that seems relevant or not according to your resarch field
  • Choose the cards view to customize your feeds display
  • Get a global view of all your feeds thanks to the Feeds Overview
  • Building a new feed will be easier, more intuitive and user friendly

And many others features and improvements will be available on the next version of Peerus: we will let you know shortly once its available!

The team can’t wait to show it to you and to get your thoughts and impressions about it. As we’ve already said, our goal was to create a tool that could fit your needs and answered your issues in your daily life as researchers.

Stay tuned,

The Peerus team.

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