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The Peerus adventure continues to grow thanks to you!

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150 000 usersTo our Peerus Community,

Today, we have some exciting news that we wanted to share with you guys.

From 0 to 150,000

After reaching 100,000 users a few weeks ago, we’re delighted to make a new announcement.

Just before reaching the second anniversary of Peerus’ launch in January, we reached an amazing milestone: 150,000 researchers have now joined the Peerus adventure! Peerus would be nothing without you, your support and your feedback…and we really want to thank you.

About the new features

Two months ago, we shared with you the results of our poll in which you had to choose the new features you would most like to see on Peerus.

We worked hard to add new journals to follow and we have already added nearly 1,800 journals on the webapp since the end of the poll!

Here are some journals that you can follow right now on Peerus:

Features (new journals)

Do not hesitate to connect on Peerus to discover other brand new journals to monitor and to find out if a journal that matters to you was added!

You can also have a look at the journals we already had on the webapp right here.

Thank you for your support,

The Peerus Team.

Peerus Poll: the platform is about to evolve!

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peerus team 2

We’d like to thank you for your participation in our poll. Having reached 100 000 users two weeks ago was meaningful to us to know you better in order to adapt the platform to your exact needs and expectations .

At the beginning

We launched Peerus a year and a half ago now. The project was available in a beta version and we knew that many improvements would need to be developed.

Thanks to our experience in the research world, we know how long, painful and laborious scientific monitoring is. It was important to us to bring a solution to the paper watch issue as soon as possible. The solution we came up with was  Peerus.

The platform’s evolution

We want Peerus to fit your researcher’s life. It’s been designed from research for research so it needs to be ideal.

Today, a series of improvements is about to start, thanks to you! Your support and investment motivate us every day to make Peerus better than it was yesterday.

For many months, we listened to all your feedbacks and we have noticed that several new features were relevant to you.

New features coming

Thanks to your votes, we could prioritize your favourite features. As a reminder,  7 features were proposed threw the poll. Here’s the full list below:

  • New journals added
  • Direct PDF download via institution login
  • Mendeley and Zotero integration
  • Multicriteria research way
  • Add an author from a paper’s summary
  • Share a paper on Twitter
  • Weekly digest

After 2 weeks, the poll is now closed and here are the results.poll

As we promised you, we’ll let you know about the next features’ progress regularly on this blog and on our Twitter and Facebook.

Please, keep letting us know about your ideas for the platform to build Peerus together.

Scientifically yours,

The Peerus Team.

100 000 thank you’s !

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100 000 users

To our Peerus community,

Three months ago, we were celebrating with you 50 000 users on Peerus.

Today, we write this article to let you know that we have reached 100,000 users! This is a major step in the development of the platform. The team that lies behind the octopus would like to thank you for your trust and your support these last months.

We had to celebrate this event with you. Our promise for this year? New journals added, optimized search for papers, a newsletter and many other updates. You will find significant improvements on the platform with new features that you will select. You will fully participate in Peerus’ development.

How? Simply vote for your favourite improvement among those that we offer today! Here is the list of 7 features coming soon on Peerus. You can vote on the blog but also on our social networks Twitter and Facebook. You have 2 week to choose your favourite options.

Once this week is over, you will be able to follow the progress for each improvement online and in real time.

New features

You can vote right here !

Many other features are yet to come and we will keep you informed of their evolution. We hope that these improvements on Peerus will help you to make a more intuitive paper watch. And don’t forget: continue to exchange with the team by live chat or through the email support address to continue growing the platform together!

Scientifically yours,

The Peerus team.

Peerus Interview : Robin, the machine learning developer

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robin peerus interview

Here’s the brand new Peerus Interview : each week, we decided to let you know about another Peerus team member. This week, discover Robin, the machine learning developer. We’ll discuss sport, thesis and computer science.

– Could you find three words to describe yourself ?

– Calm…. I don’t know. I’d say passionate and curious also.

– What are you passionate about ?

– I like sports in general. I’m a field hockey player and I do cycling. I like music, computer science and artificial intelligence too.

– What is currently your job here at Peerus ?

– I’m a machine learning developer. I’m working on a doctorate in a French institution which is called “Eric” : I’m in a lab at the Lyon 2 University. As part of Peerus development, I’m doing my doctorate.

– And how did you become a machine learning developer here in Peerus? 

– I did an engineer school in Lyon which is called CPE. Then, I left to go to Berlin where I did some internships for 3 years. I also went away for 1 year as part of the Erasmus program in a machine learning lab. To complete my final year project, I chose to stay in the very same field, the machine learning. After that, I wanted to do a doctorate and when I was looking for a project, I found Peerus.

– What made you join the Peerus project ? 

– I liked the fact that Peerus was a small structure that was at the very beginning of its development. It’s interesting and it’s motivating every day. I also wanted to do a machine learning doctorate. The project carried by Peerus is really exciting with a lot of paper analyses, graphs, etc. This is a vast subject to write about in the end. I didn’t want to get involved in a subject that was restricted, closed and leaning in a specialized field, so it suited me. My plan was to write a CIFRE thesis (when you do your doctorate while you are in a company). This option interested me because you can keep on doing operational development and doing some research.

– Do you have a life motto?

– No, I don’t really think so. Can I just answer no ? My motto is “no motto”. But I think that you have to prove things everyday and to always do things with respect for other people.

Peerus Interview : François, the software engineer

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interview francois

You can find here the third Peerus Interview session. Today, you’ll know a little bit more about our development team again : here’s François, the software engineer.

– To begin this interview, could you describe yourself in 3 words ?

– Raclette (Swiss speciality consisting of melted cheese prepared at the table using a special heater or grill, served with potatoes and cold meats), chocolate and kouign-amann (a french desert coming from Bretagne in France)

– What is currently your job here at Peerus ?

– I am software engineer. My role is to analyze the needs of Peerus and to translate it into technical solutions. I have then to develop them in all the tools and interfaces that Peerus offers. That’s my main goal on Peerus.

– And how did you become technical director here in Peerus?

– I like to discover things and pay attention to what’s going on around me from a technical point of view, so I did an engineering school without any specialty. I specialized later, through internships, in computer science and more specifically in web solutions and applications. After 3 years in an agency, I changed my project typology. I wanted to work on a long-term project. Peerus was looking for someone at that same moment. And the project immediately spoke to me and I found it interesting. It has been a year since I joined the team and there are still plenty of projects to develop.

– What are your interests or passions ?

– One of the things that I love to do is discovering new landscapes by motorcycle. I live in Lyon (France) and this city is close to the mountains of Auvergne and the Alps. You can find high mountains and curved routes that are the best ones to go to. Besides that, I like to do some improvements on my bike, understanding how things work. I’m also passionate about technology: I always want to discover new things, especially on my field. And as human needs require a lot of energy during the day, I sometimes cook especially grassy and sweet things…and I love it. But I also cook ratatouille.

– To conclude, do you have a life motto?

– Not especially. But I can say that I try to learn new things every single day. That’s something that really matters to me. I always want to progress in various skills, whether in my personal life or at work.

Peerus Interview : Nicolas, the communications officer

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Peerus Interview : Nicolas, the communications officer

To our Peerus community,

Two weeks ago, we were celebrating 50 000 users on the platform. A few days ago, we introduced you our technical director, Benjamin. This week, we interviewed another Peerus team member : Nicolas, the communications officer. Here’s the interview.

–  To begin this interview could you find three words to describe yourself ?

– I think my friends would say about me that I am creative, reliable and passionate.

– As you are saying that you are a passionate person, what are you passionate about ?

– I am passionate in my daily life, in every little action. I do not really do things by halves. Broadly speaking, I’m passionate about music, fashion and photography. These three areas coexist and are interdependent nowadays. They draw their inspiration from each other. I also started to do some sport recently, and even if it was not my thing at first, it became a must-have routine in the week. And most importantly, graphics. I have always created visuals as an amateur and I wanted to integrate this field in my work.

– What is currently your job here at Peerus ?

– I am a communications officer : I take care of many things that we see and others that we do not see also. I define the communication strategy and I try to make sure that it’s the best one. I’m also a graphic designer: I make visuals for our social networks, the blog, and other print media. I take care of presentation brochures, mailing, and blog posts too. What I like about this job is that nothing is predefined in communication. You can do everything, you can try, fail and start again with something new. Every day is not the same as the previous one.

– And how did you become a communications officer ?

– I wanted to do a bachelor’s degree in communication after high-school. Even though I learned a lot and it brought me knowledge and opened some doors, I could not stand the university and its mad lack of professionalization. I grinned and beared it, knowing that the we could do an internship during the third and last year. But, then, I left the university to go into a master’s degree in a school of management, the iaelyon. Their principle is really between the university and the private school: they give you theory and keys to apply it in a future job. You do concrete stuff all the time. During my first year in this school, we had the opportunity to do an internship, and that’s how I joined the team.

– Last question, do you have a life motto?

– It’s tough to say, I have several quotes that inspire me in my everyday life. But I think that what guides my journey is “never a failure, always a lesson”. I know it sounds like set phrase, but it helped me a lot when I got stuck in some situations. We must know that anything can happen but mostly than nothing happens by chance. If you fail somewhere, you have to start again without thinking about the situation and taking a step back on things. Sometimes you lock yourself into a whirlwind where you no longer question yourself. You are no longer questioning yourself about what you do or what you want to do. Failure is predominantly positive in its finality.

Peerus interview : Benjamin, the technical director

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Benjamin, the technica director

To our Peerus community,

Last week, we were thanking you for being 50 000 users on the platform. Today, we introduce you the first Peerus team member : Benjamin, the technical director. Here’s the interview.

To begin this interview could you describe yourself in 3 words ?

– I’d say patient, rational and understanding.

What is currently your job here at Peerus ?

– I’m the technical director. When you first think of a technical director, you might imagine someone who’s controlling everything. But I’m not actually trying to do that. For example, I’m taking care of all the administrative stuff. I also try to ensure that all goes well and that everyone has their own tasks. But I want to give autonomy to eveybody. Everybody has skills and I don’t see myself above my colleagues. I just try to “pilot” and to link what concerns tech and non-tech so that everybody understands what’s going around.

And how did you become technical director here in Peerus?

– As many computer scientist, I was in a first instance interested in video games. But when I discovered more deeply the Internet, I noticed that there’s a lot of other things to do. Video games are complex so I tried computer programming. It wasn’t my vocation at first but I found it really interesting. I was also fed up with the high-school education system so I decided to follow my studies at Epitech  (an IT expertise school) where there’s much more experimentation. Inevitably, this is a learning-by-doing process. It teached me to go on my own. After 5 years at Epitech, I found out that I wanted to become a project manager. IT development is something that I like of course and I want to evolve as a developer above all. But I also like to have a broader view on a project. Anyway, I also went to London for an internship during my 4th year at Epitech and I worked in Paris for two years. But I decided to come back to Lyon. I worked for a web agency that offered me a contract for a new project around scientific research…and it was Peerus.

 And outside of work, what are your interests or passions ?

– I don’t think that I have a pre-established passion as some might say that they play Icelandic mandolin on ice since their childhood (laughs). But I do like video games, series, reading and especially science fiction because I like to escape in other worlds and stimulate my imagination. I obviously like coding because what I used to do for fun became my work today.

– Last but not least question, do you have a life motto?

– Well, we are humans, we live and we evolve thanks to our past experiences. I will probably not have today the same motto as I used to or as I might have in 2 years. But I like to think that “the world doesn’t revolve around you”. What goes around you, of course you are living it, but you are not the center stage of the action. For example, if someone rushes you on the street, it’s not necessarily that he is a bad person but maybe that he’s late for something for example. We should be able to put oneself in someone else’s place. The world is living without you and will continue to do so. We have to live with the world and not to let the world live around us.

See you next week for another Peerus interview.

Scientifically yours,

The Peerus Team.

50 000 Peerus users !

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50 000 users

To our Peerus community,

50 000 researchers are now monitoring their field with Peerus. We want to thank you for your support and we hope that you are saving time on your daily watch.

We are as a matter of fact growing fast. We feel that we know you in some way and we understand more precisely days after days what your expectations are. But today, we wanted to let you know about us too. Each week, you’ll find a presentation about a Peerus team member on this blog.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to ask questions or give a feedback by our livechat available on or by mail at You can also check our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Scientifically yours,

The Peerus Team.

Peerus heading to the SSP in Boston

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Peerus heading to the SSP in Boston

To our Peerus Community,

Welcome aboard the Peerus Airlines flight from France to the United States.

Peerus will be in Boston in a few days to attend the Society for Scholarly Publishing annual meeting. Thibault Honnegger will be our representative during a keynote dealing with the challenges of entering a career in research.

We will take part on the conference “Views from across the research ecosystem” on June the 1st.

We will be surrounded by Kent R. Anderson, the CEO of RedLink, Didi Cross, Director at Clarivate Analytics, Melinda Kenneway, executive director of Kudos and John Sack, one of the founders of HighWire Press.

Here’s where you can find more information about this seminar.

Scientifically yours,

The Peerus Team.

30 000 users

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30 000 users

To our Peerus community,

30 000 users are now using Peerus as their paper watch tool. And, it’s been 10 000 more users in less than 3 weeks! As this number keeps increasing faster and faster, we’ll keep focusing on our belief and purpose which is for researchers to easily monitor their field every morning. Five minutes, and you know about new innovations from a journal you like to follow, a progress from a multidisciplinary keyword or a competitor that you need to know about.

Thanks to your feedbacks, we keep on customizing Peerus and we’ll continue to do so. We are currently working on improving our service by adding many journals with new papers in Peerus in order for you to have the best monitoring experience.

Please, keep following us and using Peerus for your daily watch. Don’t forget that you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.

Thanks for your support.

Scientifically yours,

The Peerus Team